List of GIS software - OPENSOURCE

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Desktop GIS

The following open source desktop GIS projects are introduced in Steiniger and Bocher (2008/9)

  • GRASS – Originally developed by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, open source: a complete GIS
  • SAGA GIS – System for Automated Geoscientific Analyses- a hybrid GIS software. SAGA has a unique Application Programming Interface (API) and a fast growing set of geoscientifc methods, bundled in exchangeable Module Libraries.
  • Quantum GIS – QGIS is a user friendly Open Source GIS that runs on Linux, Unix, Mac OS X, and Windows.
  • MapWindow GIS – Free, open source GIS desktop application and programming component.
  • ILWIS – ILWIS (Integrated Land and Water Information System) integrates image, vector and thematic data.
  • uDig
  • gvSIG – Open source GIS written in Java.
  • JUMP GIS / OpenJUMP – (Open) Java Unified Mapping Platform (the desktop GIS OpenJUMP, SkyJUMP, deeJUMP and Kosmo emerged from JUMP; see


  • Kalypso (software) – Kalypso is an Open Source GIS (Java, GML3) and focuses mainly on numerical simulations in water management.
  • TerraView – GIS desktop that handles vector and raster data stored in a relational or geo-relational database, i.e. a frontend for TerraLib.

Other GIS tools - classified

Note, for different categories of GIS tools see GIS software and

WebMap Server

  • MapServer – Web-based mapping server, developed by the University of Minnesota.
  • GeoServer

Spatial Database Management Systems

Software Development Frameworks and Libraries (non-web)

  • GeoTools – Open source GIS toolkit written in Java, using Open Geospatial Consortium specifications.
  • OpenMap
  • GDAL / OGR
  • Proj.4

Software Development Frameworks and Libraries (for web applications)

  • MapFish A web 2.0 mapping development framework.
  • OpenLayers – open source AJAX library for accessing geographic data layers of all kinds, originally developed and sponsored by MetaCarta
  • Geomajas – Open source web toolkit with full vectorial and attribute editing capabilities and support for complex relation models (1 to n, n to 1, inheritance, ...). Built on top of the Dojo AJAX framework.
Other GIS tools - unclassified
  • FIST – FIST (Flexible Internet Spatial Template)is a MapServer/PHP framework with several advanced functions, optionally use PostGIS in the backend so your users can edit and save shapes and attributes.
  • Chameleon – Environments for building applications with MapServer.
  • GeoNetwork opensource – A catalog application to manage spatially referenced resources
  • OpenMap
  • MapGuide Open Source – Web-based mapping server.
  • Xastir A special purpose Open Source GIS application used as an APRS client by Amateur radio operators, written in C for X Window environments.

12d Model 7.0

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12d Model is a powerful terrain modelling, surveying and civil engineering package. It allows fast production in a wide variety of projects including roads, site layouts, subdivisions and Environmental Impact studies. Using 12d Models screen menus and fast interactive graphics, the user effortlessly moves through a design. With 12d Models powerful design capabilities, difficult surveying and civil design tasks can be easily visualized and completed. Projects such as roads, channels, storage tanks, subdivisions, landscaping, rail studies, major pipelines, waste water reticulation and general site works are efficiently handled with 12d Model. 12d Model includes a powerful programming language which allows users to build their own options from 12d Models extensive programming library. 12d Model features data exchange with drainage and river analysis packages including XP-SWMM, XP-UDD, Drains, ILSAX, PC Drain, RATHGL and HEC-RAS, survey packages such as TP Setout as well as the CAD systems IntelliCAD, AutoCAD and Microstation. 12d Model is a totally Australian product, running on Windows NT, 95, 98, 2000 and XP (including PC Notebooks). 12d Model has been specifically designed for easy use. It is ideal for use at all stages of projects, and is particularly useful for large route selection and corridor studies. 12d Model is an essential tool in today's fiercely competitive business climate.


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ETABS Version 9.2.0

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ETABS Version 9.2.0 is now shipping and is available as a full installation or as a patch to existing installations. It includes the following significant enhancements:

New In V9.2.0

A printed report is now available for steel and concrete frame design. This report is produced in RTF format for Microsoft Word, and contains a cover page, tables of design input values, tables of design results, and an individual design summary sheet for each selected member.
Concrete frame design output for enveloping results has been improved to include, in a single sheet, the controlling forces/moment, stations, and load combinations, as well as the resulting rebar and/or demand/capacity ratios. This is available by right-clicking on the member for design results, or as part of the new printed design report.
The documentation available using the Help > Documentation command can now be modified by the user. This allows you to add company standards and procedures, project data, language translations, and other documents in a single location for ease of reference.
The “Automated Lateral Loads Manual” has been added which describes all the code-based seismic and wind loads available in ETABS and SAP2000.

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ArcSDE 8 for Oracle

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ArcSDE technology is a core element of ArcGIS Server. Its primary role is to act as the database access engine to spatial data within a relational database management system (RDBMS). ArcSDE technology provides geospatial behavior, integrity, and utility to the underlying records of the geodatabase. The geodatabase is the primary data storage model for ArcGIS. It sits on top of the RDBMS and provides a single central location to access and manage spatial data.

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