Google Satellite Maps Downloader 4.27 Full

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Download google maps images and combine them into one big image
Google Maps Downloader is a cute tool that can automatically download Google Maps' small tile map images and then combine them into one big map image. It supports multithreads, so the download speed is very fast. And it is very easy to use.

All downloaded small images are saved on the disk. You can combine them after downloading or later. How do you feel about making your city's map with high precision all bu yourself?

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MapBasic 9.0

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The flexible development environment for MapInfo Professional®

The MapBasic® development environment is a complete, BASIC-like programming language used to create custom applications for use with MapInfo Professional® or special MapInfo runtimes. MapBasic allows you to customize the geographic functionality of MapInfo Professional, automate repetitive operations, and integrate MapInfo Professional with other applications – quickly and easily.

* Build custom applications and modify the MapInfo Professional interface
* Control MapInfo Professional through OLE Automation
* Add 'a little mapping' to your applications with MapInfo Professional windows
* Create and edit programs with MapBasic Text Editor
* Use MapBasic Compiler to create an executable from a program
* Link separate program modules for large or complex applications
* Reference On-line Help for the MapBasic language
* Includes over 300 statements and functions

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Discover Mapinfo Plugin

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Encom Discover is the desktop Geographical Information System (GIS) designed especially for the geosciences, providing the tools to effectively compile, visualise, analyse and map spatial geoscience data.
Encom Discover is the desktop Geographical Information System (GIS) designed especially for the geosciences, providing the tools to effectively compile, visualise, analyse and map spatial geoscience data.
Since its release in 1994, Discover with MapInfo Professional has become the GIS of choice for geologists, environmental scientists, cartographers, exploration managers and database administrators.

*build geological datasets
*produce high-quality scaled geological maps, with titleblocks, map grids, legends, structural symbols, etc
*compile drillhole data and create cross-sections, plans and logs
*create, filter, contour, profile, manipulate, colour and analyse gridded surfaces
*analyse and visualise geochemical data
*rectify unprojected raster images
*create graphs with maintained spatial links for interactive analysis
*enhance your GIS productivity via an extensive range of data, object, table and map windows utilities
*connect to other geological systems, databases and file formats
*control the MapInfo Professional workspace with a real-time, enhanced layer control
*produce exploration tenement applications (Australia only)
*optionally display your GIS data in 3D (Discover 3D)
*integrate with a field GIS (Discover Mobile)

System Requirements
Encom Discover requires MapInfo Professional 7.0 to 9.5 for Windows 2000, XP or Vista.

Download File : Discover 4.01 Part1, Part2
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XtoolsPro Extend ArcGis Capabilities

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XTools Pro is one of the most popular and full-featured extensions for ArcGIS Desktop.
Originally developed as a set of useful vector spatial analysis, shape conversion and table management tools for ArcView GIS 3.x. XTools extension was then converted by Data East to ESRI ArcGIS environment and now is re-designed, enhanced and extended as XTools Pro to get to the newer level of functionality and performance.

Feature Conversions:
Transfer/Convert Features (free)
Convert Multipart Shapes to Single Parts (free)
Convert Polygons to Polylines (free)
Convert Features to Points (free)
Make one Polygon from Polyline (free)
Make one Polygon from Points (free)
Make one Polyline from Points (free)
Convert Graphics to Shapes (free)
Shapes to Centroids (free)
Split Polylines
Split Polygons
Smooth Polylines (free)

Miscellaneous general usage tools:
Open Attribute Table (free)
Show Nodes (free)
Create FeatureClass/ Table
Convex Hull (free)
Extract Map
Create Personal Geodatabase (free)
Delete Dataset (free)
Create Fishnet
Identify Pro
Feature Report
Start Editing Selected Layer
Show Directions (free)
Export Data to KML
Auto Save MXD
Change Datasources
Callout Identify
Import Data from KML
Create File Geodatabse
Catalog tab and Catalog dockable window in ArcMap

Table Operations:
Calculate Area, Perimeter, Length, Acres and Hectares (free)
Add XYZ Coordinates (free)
Aggregate Features/Records
Table Restructure
Export Data to MS Excel (free)
MultiDelete Fields (free)
Table Statistics (free)
Export Table to Text (free)
Find duplicates
Sort Features/Records

Layer Operations:
Erase Features (free)
Identity (free)
Update Polygon Layer (free)

Surface Tools:
Convert Grid to Contour
Create Grid from Contours
Build Thiessen Polygons

Go To tools:
Go to Google Maps
Go to Google Earth
Go to Microsoft Live

Download File : XToolsPro, ReadMe