GPS for Dummies

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ISBN: 0764569333 | Year: 2004 | PDF | 14.6 MB | 408 Pages

Basic GPS principles and concepts such as waypoints, routes, tracks, and coordinate systems
Recommended features for GPS receivers to be used in various types of activities, including hiking, mountain biking, cross country skiing, geocaching, hunting, ATVing, mapping, and more
How to do digital mapping on your computer, including software packages you can use to work with aerial photos, topographic maps, and road maps
The main providers of digital map data for the U.S. and their Web sites
The scoop on geocaching?????a high-tech treasure hunt

Choosing features for a GPS receiver, including the screen, an alarm, built-in maps, an electric compass, an altimeter, antennas, interface modes, and more
Systems for traveling on the main roads and systems for exploring off the beaten path
Using GPS with a PDA (personal digital assistant)
Computer requirements for different mapping choices
Topographic map software from Maptech, DeLorme, and National Geographic that???„?s for off-road use
Using Web-hosted mapping services, including street maps, topographic maps, aerial photos, and U.S. government-produced maps
Incorporating GPS receivers into outdoor workouts, with tips for specific sports including cycling, golf, rowing, and more

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