ArcSDE 9.0 SQLServer

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ArcSDE is an application server that facilitates storing and
managing spatial data (raster, vector, and survey) in a DBMS and
makes the data available to many applications. ArcSDE allows
you to manage spatial data in one of four commercial databases
(IBM® DB2®, Informix®, Microsoft® SQL Server™, and Oracle®).
ArcSDE serves data to the ArcGIS Desktop products (ArcView®,
ArcEditor™, and ArcInfo®), the ArcGIS development products
(ArcGIS Engine and ArcGIS Server), and ArcIMS® and is a key
component in managing a multiuser GIS.

Database Portability
ArcSDE provides a common model for spatial data. Using ArcSDE
data import and export utilities, you can move data from one
DBMS to another without loss of information. This portability
safeguards your data investment and is especially important in a
heterogeneous database environment. This capability allows the
most advanced geodatabase designs to be moved.

Application Portability
ArcSDE defi nes a single logical model for spatial data that is
independent of the physical data representation in the DBMS.
Since how the data is stored is transparent to the end applica-
tion, applications developed with ArcObjects™ or ArcSDE C or
Java™ application programming interface (API) will run with little
or no modifi cation regardless of the underlying DBMS spatial
data schema.

ESRI’s Data Models
GIS users need common standards to build and share data.
ArcSDE supplies both a simple relational model of points, lines,
and polygons and a sophisticated object model with support for
intelligent features, rules, and relationships—the geodatabase.
The geodatabase can be combined with the ArcGIS data models
(templates for implementing GIS projects for specifi c industries

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