XtoolsPro Extend ArcGis Capabilities

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XTools Pro is one of the most popular and full-featured extensions for ArcGIS Desktop.
Originally developed as a set of useful vector spatial analysis, shape conversion and table management tools for ArcView GIS 3.x. XTools extension was then converted by Data East to ESRI ArcGIS environment and now is re-designed, enhanced and extended as XTools Pro to get to the newer level of functionality and performance.

Feature Conversions:
Transfer/Convert Features (free)
Convert Multipart Shapes to Single Parts (free)
Convert Polygons to Polylines (free)
Convert Features to Points (free)
Make one Polygon from Polyline (free)
Make one Polygon from Points (free)
Make one Polyline from Points (free)
Convert Graphics to Shapes (free)
Shapes to Centroids (free)
Split Polylines
Split Polygons
Smooth Polylines (free)

Miscellaneous general usage tools:
Open Attribute Table (free)
Show Nodes (free)
Create FeatureClass/ Table
Convex Hull (free)
Extract Map
Create Personal Geodatabase (free)
Delete Dataset (free)
Create Fishnet
Identify Pro
Feature Report
Start Editing Selected Layer
Show Directions (free)
Export Data to KML
Auto Save MXD
Change Datasources
Callout Identify
Import Data from KML
Create File Geodatabse
Catalog tab and Catalog dockable window in ArcMap

Table Operations:
Calculate Area, Perimeter, Length, Acres and Hectares (free)
Add XYZ Coordinates (free)
Aggregate Features/Records
Table Restructure
Export Data to MS Excel (free)
MultiDelete Fields (free)
Table Statistics (free)
Export Table to Text (free)
Find duplicates
Sort Features/Records

Layer Operations:
Erase Features (free)
Identity (free)
Update Polygon Layer (free)

Surface Tools:
Convert Grid to Contour
Create Grid from Contours
Build Thiessen Polygons

Go To tools:
Go to Google Maps
Go to Google Earth
Go to Microsoft Live

Download File : XToolsPro, ReadMe