Esri ArcEngine Developers Guide

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ESRI® ArcGIS® Engine is a platform for building custom stand-alone geographic information systems (GIS) applications which support multiple applicationprogramming interfaces (APIs), include advanced GIS functionality, and are builtusing industry standards.
This chapter will introduce you, the developer, to the ArcGIS Engine developer kit and the ArcGIS Engine Runtime, discussing how to use it and its different components.

Topics covered in this chapter include:
• an overview of ArcGIS 9
• introduction to ArcGIS Engine
• ArcGIS Engine users
• capabilities of ArcGIS Engine
• a description of this book

ArcGIS provides a scalable framework for implementing GIS for a single user or for many users on desktops and servers. This book focuses on building and deploying custom applications using ArcGIS Engine. It will be of greatest use to developers who want to embed mapping and GIS functionality in custom applications. It provides an overview of ArcGIS Engine, its components, and the possibilities ArcGIS Engine offers developers who wish to build and deploy custom GIS applications and solutions. In addition, several scenarios are used to illustrate, with code examples, the various types of applications that can be developed with ArcGIS Engine.

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