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ProLINK - Data Transfer and Reduction Software
Your Link Between Field and Office
ProLINK software is your link between the field and office; facilitating the exchange of data between data collectors and various software packages. ProLINK provides the necessary tools to import, convert, reduce and export a variety of raw data formats.

Customized imports and exports Survey Data Management
ProLINKs functionality as an intelligent raw data editor for GPS/RTK and Total Station survey data is enhanced by its capability to transform into a wide range of file formats. ProLINK software requires a properly activated hardware security device for full functionality. ProLINK edits, reduces and manages survey project data. ProLINK can be customized to define a variety of file formats for importing and exporting by using ProLINKs powerful Conversion Definition Manager.
Survey Data Management
ProLINK contends with data from Total Station surveys, GPS/RTK surveys or both. The data can be manually input, imported from a wide variety of file formats (SDR, MOSS, SDMS, ASCII) or received directly from an Electronic Total Station or from a data collector such as the SDR Electronic Field Book.
Data Editing
ProLINK incorporates intelligent data editing, which maintains the integrity of your data. You can insert, modify or delete records and the software will automatically update the reduced data view.
ProLINK will reduce your raw data to coordinates. Reduction parameters are applied to individual field books. The results display in list format and can be easily exported.
As a part of the reduction process, a coordinate transformation can be applied to field books independently. The transformation parameters can be directly input or calculated based on manually input coordinates or selected project coordinates. The same transformation tool can be used to determine horizontal and vertical calibration values for GPS/RTK projects.
Coordinate Systems
You can simply select a local coordinate system to transform your ETS and RTK data. Choose from several predefined local coordinate systems or define your own. These coordinate systems can even be sent to your SDR data collector and selected directly in the field.
Data Output and Communications
The importing and exporting of data is greatly enhanced with the capability to communicate with a variety of external devices. Additionally, you can export raw data or results. The output can meet a variety of specifications by employing conversion files during export. ProLINK not only offers several import (SDR, MOSS, SDMS, ASCII) and export (SDR, DXF, MOSS, ICS, SDMS, ASCII) conversion formats, it allows you to define your own.
Conversion Definition Manager
ProLINKs Conversion Definition Manager is a comprehensive tool for creating conversion files, which can be used to import data to or from ProLINK. You can map records and fields from the external format to ProLINK records and fields, as well as from ProLINKs format to an external format.

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