ArcGIS Desktop 10.1 - VBA Compatibility


At ArcGIS 10.1, the VBA runtime is installed by the setup.exe of the ArcGIS VBA Compatibility setup program. Previous to ArcGIS 10, the VBA Runtime was installed by the ArcGIS for Desktop setup.
To run the ArcGIS VBA Compatibility setup, use the setup.exe located in the \ArcGIS_VBA folder on the installation media or download folder, or select the ArcGIS for Desktop VBA Compatibility link on the ArcGIS for Desktop startup menu.
After installing ArcGIS for Desktop VBA Compatibility, you must obtain an authorization file for VBA. For Concurrent Use products, you must obtain an authorization file for VBA. For Single Use products, your authorization file must contain the VBA feature. See Obtaining an authorization file for more information. You must request the VBA extension explicitly when you authorize your software.

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