Google Satellite Maps Downloader

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What is Google Satellite Maps Downloader

It is a cute tool that help you to get small tile satellite images from google maps. All downloaded small satellite images are saved on the disk. You can view downloaded satellite maps by Satellite Map Viewer. And you can combine them into a big BMP satellite map.

How to download?

See the screenshot. It is very easy to use.

Firstly, enter a project name, such like "Mytask.gmid". All project files are saved as *.gmid. If you want to continue a old project, click button "Open project".

There are 4 parameters (Left Longitude, Right Longitude, Top Latitude, Bottom Latitude) to define the area scope of images that you want to download.

The zoom parameter define the image precision.

And you can define how many threads you want to start to download at the same time.

Select a path to save the project and downloaded images, then click button "Download", OK, start downloading now ... !

When downloading, the log window will display the downloading process. When finished, the log will be saved to a file.

Parameters explainment:

1. Left Longitude: -180<180,><180,><90,for><90,for>"Satellite Images Viewer".

Then open a project from menu "File"->"Open project..." to view the map.

How to combine small images into one big image?

After downloading, all small images are saved on your disk. Then you can combine them into one big image map.

We provide a tool : Combine.exe. You can run it from menu "Tools"->"Combine images... ".

The output big image is in BMP format. You can convert it to other format by yourself using some image tools such like PhotoShop.

How to know the longitude and latitude of each image

There are two methods to know the longitude and latitude of every downloaded image.

1. After downloading, the software will create a text file named as "projectname_list.txt" in your project path. In this file all the images' longigude and latitude information are saved.

The file looks like:

ImageFileName Left_Edge_Longitude Right_Edge_Longitude Top_Edge_Latitude Bottom_Edge_Latitude
132778_171956.jpg: 2.34283447265625 2.34420776367188 48.85477632011322 48.85387272790248
132778_171957.jpg: 2.34283447265625 2.34420776367188 48.85567989601490 48.85477632011322
132778_171958.jpg: 2.34283447265625 2.34420776367188 48.85658345560757 48.85567989601490
132778_171959.jpg: 2.34283447265625 2.34420776367188 48.85748699889132 48.85658345560757
132778_171960.jpg: 2.34283447265625 2.34420776367188 48.85839052586622 48.85748699889132
132778_171961.jpg: 2.34283447265625 2.34420776367188 48.85929403653233 48.85839052586622

2. When you view map in Satellite Viewer, the longitude and latitude will be displayed in the statusbar.

And in the log file, the exactly longitude and latitude of the downloaded area are saved as Left Longitude download.., etc.. see the followed example.

An example of log file:

Project: C:\Downloads\paris18.gmid
Log begin...
Now time is:2007-5-4 14:38:41

Left Longitude input= 2.344152
Right Longitude input= 2.355540
Top Latitude input= 48.858895
Bottom Latitude input= 48.854270

MinX = 132778
MinY = 171956
MaxX = 132787
MaxY = 171961

Left Longitude download=2.34283447265625
Right Longitude download=2.3565673828125
Top Latitude download=48.8592940365323
Bottom Latitude download=48.8538727279025

All images' scope information are saved to C:\Downloads\paris18_list.txt

Total count of images would be downloaded: 60

Download threads count: 4

Zoom level: 18

path: C:\Downloads\

Start downloading...
Thread1:seq=4, file=132778-171959.jpg ->ok!
Thread4:seq=3, file=132778-171958.jpg ->ok!
Thread3:seq=2, file=132778-171957.jpg ->ok!
Thread2:seq=1, file=132778-171956.jpg ->ok!

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