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ESRI Technology Trends

Technology Trends in GIS

In the future releases of ArcGIS, ESRI will introduce the results of many ongoing development themes including

* Cartography Trends in GIS—Improving GIS desktop applications through additional cartographic mapping, analysis, and editing tools and providing user-driven usability enhancements
* Server GIS Trends—Evolving a robust server GIS platform to deliver comprehensive geographic information services through a wide variety of clients and client platforms
* Mobile GIS Trends—Advancing mobile GIS via wireless technology to make organizations and their mobile workforce more efficient and productive.

ESRI has been involved in the application of geographic information since it was founded in 1969 as a private consulting firm specializing in land use analysis projects. In the 1980s, ESRI evolved to devote its resources to developing and applying GIS software and has since become the largest research and development organization dedicated to GIS.

ESRI and GIS have grown from solving relatively simple tasks with simple building blocks—points, lines, and polygons—to solving complex tasks with enhanced data models.

ESRI will continue to evolve GIS technology to serve a broad range of user needs and communities.