ErMapper Plugin ArcView 3.x

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Plugin ini merupakan extension tambahan untuk software ArcView agar dapat membuka format file raster seperti halnya MapImagery pada mapinfo.

Earth Resource Mapping announced today the latest release of the free ECW plugin for ArcGIS® 8.1, 8.1.2 and 8.2. The plug-in allows greater productivity in the ArcGIS® environment by adding support for ECW, URL, ALG and ERS image formats. It also includes the 500MB (not 50MB) ECW compressor utility for free.

The most significant new features and improvements for this release are:
· Significant improvement in the display\process speed of imagery. ECW is now easily the fastest and most efficient format for compressed large imagery in the ArcGIS® Desktop environment.
· The ability to add remote ECW imagery to your project served by the Image Web Server. This functionality is a key feature of the ArcView® 3.x plug-in, and is now available in ArcGIS® environment.
· The addition of ER Mapper''s ALG and ERS formats. No longer are ER Mapper users and their clients restricted to ArcView 3.x plug-in for their GIS projects. Also, virtual datasets (e.g. ERS->TIFF) can now be added to your projects.
· New toolbar and commands provide a user-friendly interface, access to plug-in features and customisation of workspace. Some of the commands on the toolbar include, add remote ECW, launch ECW compressor, plug-in options, access to help documentation and about dialog.
· Better integration with ECW compressor. The ECW compressor can be accessed via command or export menu "Raster to ECW…". As the compressor is a separate process, compression tasks can be carried out without restricting workflow in the ArcGIS® environment. Other advantages include robustness and the ability for compression to continue while ArcGIS® is closed.
· Comprehensive help documentation with illustrations provides a useful resource for new users or who want to get the most from the plug-in.

Stuart Nixon CEO and Founder of Earth Resource Mapping said "This latest release of the free ECW plugin for ArcIMS confirms our continued support for GIS users. The ability to use images stored remotely on an Image Web Server adds an exciting capability to the ECW plugin for ArcIMS®." Mr Nixon went on to note that ECW has become widely used by ArcView® and ArcGIS® users because of its speed and the free 500MB ECW Compressor.

To download the free ECW plugin for ArcGIS® 8.1, 8.1.2 and 8.2, visit

About Earth Resource Mapping
Earth Resource Mapping is the world''s leading image handling and integrated mapping software company. Clients in more than 120 countries use ER Mapper to prepare imagery, ECW to compress and use imagery, and the Image Web Server to serve imagery over the Internet.

About ESRI®
ESRI®, ArcGIS®, ArcView®, and ArcInfo® are trademarks or registered trademarks of Environmental Systems Research Institute, Inc. This announcement of ECW plugins by Earth Resource Mapping for ESRI® products does not imply an endorsement of the plugins by ESRI®.

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