ER Mapper Professional

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ER Mapper Professional is a powerful, yet simple to use, geospatial imagery processing application. ER Mapper Professional enhances your geographic data to make it more meaningful. It allows you to extract quantitative information and solve problems.
Dynamic image processing Leverage the full value of your imagery assets with ER Mapper Professional's extensive range of image processing functions. Visualize your imagery with multiple image enhancements. Prepare images for use in other applications. Use enhanced imagery in your GIS, CAD, desktop or server applications.

geospatial images

Wizard based processing
Perform powerful processing functions at the click of a button without having to be an image processing genius! You can hit the ground running.

Mosaic your image tiles
Create city, state or country wide mosaics from your image tiles. You can view the entire area of interest in one file. Storing your image datasets will be a breeze.

Unlimited JPEG 2000 and ECW compression
Use ECW compression to shrink the size of your imagery datasets to just 5% of their original size, whilst still retaining the original visual quality.

JPEG 2000 compression lets you compress your imagery to 25% of the original size whilst keeping the underlying spatial data mathematically identical to the original data.

Smaller, compressed images are faster to access in your desktop applications. No more time wasting while your imagery loads in your software!

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