Modul ArcVIew 3.x (Bhs Indonesia)

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Bagi para pengguna produk esri, sebelum lahirnya ArcGis 9.2 yang begitu lengkap akan feature nya sebelumnya esri merilis terlebih dulu ArcView 3.0, ArcView 3.1, ArcView 3.2 hingga terakhir ArcView 3.3.

ArcView allows you to easily create maps, and add your own data to them. Using ArcView's visualization tools, you can access records from existing databases and display them on maps.
With ArcView you can
  • Integrate and share data across your organization.
  • Work with your data geographically—seeing undetected patterns, revealing hidden trends and distributions, and gaining new insights.
  • Map customer and competitor site locations.
  • Understand relationships between the forces that drive your business, and make better decisions to solve business problems faster and smarter.
  • Publish intelligent maps and create interactive map presentations by linking charts, tables, drawings, photographs, and other files.
  • Develop custom tools, interfaces, and complete applications.
Bagi yang ingin belajar ArcView silahkan download modulnya dalam bahasa indonesia

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